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Panic Disorder and Anxiety Treatment

Panic and Anxiety

How Does Anxiety Affect Us?
Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. When any of us become anxious we are not able to think as calmly and rationally as we would if we weren't anxious.

Our bodies react to anxiety. For example our breath naturally becomes more shallow, our heart rate can increase, and we may not feel well physically. In these specific instances where the anxiety is situational and infrequent, usually the anxiety doesn't last for long, and we can quickly resume our normal state of functioning. Besides these situational anxieties, there are many people that experience what we call a generalized anxiety; where there is an ongoing chronic low level of anxiety, worries, and concerns. Yet for the most part they are still able to go about their daily lives and function well.

Anxiety becomes more problematic when it starts to interfere with our daily lives. It can affect our ability to concentrate. This can also impede on our capacity to complete our tasks whether they are academically, at home, at work, or even when we are out socially. Merrill specializes in treating anxiety and panic disorders at her practice in Eastchester, NY.

What Do You Feel When You Are Anxious?
When you become anxious it is common to tune into the sensations that your body feels; such as a racing heart beat, sweaty palms, dizziness, shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in the hands, etc. When you feel these sensations sometimes you become afraid of the sensations. Your thoughts can begin to race and start to spin out of control. It is as if your irrational thoughts begin to take on a life of its own, and you can become afraid of what is happening to your body, and your mind. In her practice in Eastchester, NY, Merrill educates her clients about anxiety, and what purpose it may serve for the client in their lives.

What Are Panic Attacks?
When these sensations, thoughts, and fears start reoccurring at different times and places, anxiety can escalate to the point that someone may develop panic attacks. After experiencing a panic attack the person will often try to avoid the places or things where the panic attack occurred. Panic isn't about living in the moment. It is about “What if” thinking. When someone is having a panic attack they often have catastrophic thinking about what has happened in the past, or what could happen in the future. They are afraid of not being in control; often having a fear of dying, having a heart attack, and or a fear that something terrible will happen. It is important to learn to gain control over the panic. Merrill teaches her clients many strategies at her practice in Eastchester, NY so that they reduce their fear of having a panic attack, and are able to manage their anxiety throughout their life.

Treatment For Panic Attacks:
There are many effective ways to treat anxiety and panic. In Merrill’s practice in Eastchester, NY she uses cognitive behavior therapy to help the person learn to modify their thoughts, understand their physical sensations, and increase awareness about their emotions. Sometimes medication treatment is indicated as well as an adjunct to the therapy to help the person reduce their anxiety. Merrill also provides her clients in her practice (Eastchester, NY) with techniques of learning proper diaphragmatic breathing, calming self talk, relaxation strategies, hypnosis, as well as changing their perceptions and cognitions. All of these strategies are used in order for the person to begin to manage their anxiety, and successfully take back control of their life.