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Merrill Black, L.C.S.W.
Psychotherapist/Reiki Master
The Temperance Center
453 White Plains Road
Suite 201
Eastchester, N.Y. 10709
Phone: (914) 793-2600
Email: merrill@healyourlife2day.com

Wellness & Integrative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
Treating the Whole Person - Mind, Body, & Soul


Welcome! Merrill Black is a licensed clinical social worker who provides a safe, nurturing, and calm environment. A gentle and compassionate space is created so that the client can comfortably explore their feelings and concerns in an open and honest manner. This peaceful and supportive environment also gives the client the opportunity to share the hopes and dreams they have for themselves and for their life.

Merrill has been in private practice for several years and treats a diverse population of children, teens, and adults. Her current practice is at: The Temperance Center in Eastchester, NY. Click here to contact Merrill.

Whether Merrill is treating an individual’s Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Phobias and Fears, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Trichotillomania, Depression, and or any other life affecting issue, her approach is of an Integrative Cognitive Behavioral nature.

"Throughout the cognitive behavioral therapy process, Merrill has not only successfully worked with my children, but she has successfully worked with our entire family"
Michele, Age 39

In Cognitive Behavior Therapy the client is helped to understand how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect them in their current daily life. By addressing their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, they have the power to change them and improve the quality of their life.

"I highly recommend Merrill often to anyone suffering from OCD or anxiety. She has been tremendously therapeutic for my whole family"
Michelle, Age 44

Integrative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is about incorporating “All” necessary modalities for the healing process to be effective. A variety of methods are used based on each individuals needs. Therefore, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Exposure Therapy, Response Prevention, Systematic Desensitization, Relaxation, Meditation, Imagery, Visualization, Hypnosis, and Reiki are all possible modalities used in the therapeutic process. Click here to contact Merrill.

“...there were times when the CBT was not enough...Merrill would use her other tools, such as reiki, meditation, and hypnosis to achieve the desired behavior result.”
Michele, Age 39

Merrill’s overall philosophy is that the person has to be treated on all levels, Mind, Body, and Soul. This belief is approaching the person in their totality, not just treating parts of them, but healing their “Whole Self”.

"With Merrill’s expertise and guidance, I have been making strides with the management of my OCD, anxiety, and depression. Merrill has incorporated Reiki into my treatment sessions and it has made a remarkable difference."
Cindy, Age 37

When using this Integrative Cognitive Behavioral approach of Mind, Body, and Soul, the person is helped to reach their optimal level of balance, and wellness.

“Through energy work and practice with visualization, my sense of well being and balance has improved dramatically.”
Cindy, Age 37

Furthermore, when healing their “Whole Self” ( Mind, Body, and Soul), the individual is able to create a more fulfilling, happy, and complete life.

“Merrill has played a vital role in my achieving wellness for mind, body, and soul.”
Martha, Age 53

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